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Posts from November 2010

Mah new project

 November 03 by Denis Dervisevic

Firstly, welcome to my new website, it's currently being built as you might imagine so if you want some more info check out, you'll find more info there.

So, what is this new project one might wonder? Well firstly I'm currently redesigning this webite to serve as a blog where i share some tidbits about what i do and how i do it. I'll also share some photography along with information in the about section. But that's not the interesting part.

What will be the interesting part is that I'm starting to design a cusom, built entierly from scratch Content Manegement System, a CMS for short. It will firstly handle blogging, with features such as multiple authors, categories, tags, sorting and all that good stuff. The first phase of the design will be to identify features along with designing the database structure which will be implemented i MySQL. There are also so more design steps that need to be done on the site and a severe cleaning and restructioning of the CSS code.

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