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Posts from January 2011

2011: The year of E sports

 January 29 by Denis Dervisevic

So 2011 is kicking of strong in the e-sports scene. Today we had 4 major SC2 tournaments. The GSL finals, OSL finals, Team Liquid Open and the SCreddit open. I watched the GSL finals live and they didn't quite live up but it was quite a show. I hang out on screddit a lot but usually don't watch much of the tournaments, however Destiny was playing so watched that. With Day[9], Tasteosis, Total Biscuit and others casting and making SC2 bigger this could be the year when e-sports hit main(ish)stream. Oh, and go Jinro!

But this isn't all, my brother and the team over there at are hosting their Dota 2 day tournament. I'll be hosting some of their DC talks for them over my other domain at

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My top 5 movies of 2010

 January 19 by Denis Dervisevic

I haven't posted here cause honestly the system isn't finished cause of school. But I'll post in the meanwhile. Here are the top 5 movies of 2010.

1. The Social Network
What can i say, this is a subject that i love and the movie was executed perfectly. From the sharp dialogue to the perfect cinematography. They even threw in a Tilt-Shift shot. The acting is spot on, the score kills and the direction rocks. A home run.

2. Inception
An easy choice for number 2. I had huge expectations and it lived up to it. Nolan once again does not let down. The discussions went on for hours and the ending was just perfect, not a second too long. Also, if you haven't watched Memento, do that.

3. Buried
This movie pulled the rug from underneath my feet. I did not expect this. I mean the premise is a guy in a box for 90 minutes, how do you make that interesting? But he sure as hell did and the acting that Ryan Reynolds pulled of was astonishing. Watch it.

4. Toy Story 3
One of the most anticipated film of the year. I didn't get quite as emotionally attached to it as other people for some reason but still did not let down. The crew over there at Pixar sure seem invincible.

5. 127 Hours
A toss up, a lot of movies could have gone here like 'How to train a dragon' or perhaps Iron Man 2 but I'm going with 127 hours. A movie about true human perseverance and will power. An excellent performance by James Franco.

These are the movies i still haven't seen that could go up there so i might revise the list.

True Grit
The fighter
The Kings Speech
Black Swan

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