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Posts from September 2012

Quick Look: Revolution

 September 06 by Denis Dervisevic

NBC recently released the pilot episode of Revolution on the web, I checked it out and here are my thoughts on it.

The show starts out with a huge world wide blackout and flashes forward 15 years. No electronics engines and so forth work, and people are living as well as they can in this future. It's a mix of the movie I am legend and the hunger games. The premise of the show is promising, and the stuff that happend back then is a lot more interesting than what is going on right now. It's interesting but there are inconstancies such as why do guns work but not other mechanical items and so forth. 

The acting is a bit off, it's not very good, except for the guy who plays a villain. He's gustavo fring from Breaking Bad and it's nice to see him in something new again. The show feels a little cookie-cutter with an evil organisation and them going up against it etc. There's definitely potentional but it could end up badly, like flash forward. Actually it kinda reminds me of that show, perhaps this is an reincarnation of that show in a different way. Unfortunately in this one, the characters weren't very likeable. Another thing i noticed was that the music wasn't that good, i don't usually notice it unless it's really good or really bad.

I found myself drifting away and doing other stuff, it didn't quite pull me in, but with a strong ending that sets up the season this could do well. It has J.J Abrams name attached to it and i love the stuff he makes, awake was probably the show of spring 2012 for me.

End result, a mixed bag. Potential to be good, but even more to be average. So I'm only cautiously optimistic. 

The show airs September 17th so check it out, and i will hopefully write a roundup of the new shows that i do check out when the season starts going, so check back for that.

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