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2011: The year of E sports

 January 29 by Denis Dervisevic

So 2011 is kicking of strong in the e-sports scene. Today we had 4 major SC2 tournaments. The GSL finals, OSL finals, Team Liquid Open and the SCreddit open. I watched the GSL finals live and they didn't quite live up but it was quite a show. I hang out on screddit a lot but usually don't watch much of the tournaments, however Destiny was playing so watched that. With Day[9], Tasteosis, Total Biscuit and others casting and making SC2 bigger this could be the year when e-sports hit main(ish)stream. Oh, and go Jinro!

But this isn't all, my brother and the team over there at are hosting their Dota 2 day tournament. I'll be hosting some of their DC talks for them over my other domain at

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